Annealed Aluminum Wire for ACSR Cable Armoring

Annealed Aluminum Wire is a versatile material treated through a specialized annealing process, enjoying improved ductility, flexibility, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Electrical wiring
Art and Crafts
Automotive parts

High Electrical Conductivity
Excellent Ductility
Good Thermal Conductivity

General Specifications
Diameter: Ranges from 0.2mm to 10mm
Conductivity: > 61% IACS
Tensile Strength: Ranges according to application requirements
Colors: Natural Aluminum, Oxidized
Temper: Annealed

Annealed Single Aluminum Wire is typically wound around spools or packed in coils. Each package is then wrapped in plastic film, then packed into cartons or wooden pallets.

Annealed Single Aluminum Wire for Producing ACSR Cable

Annealed single aluminium wire for ACSR cables
Annealed aluminium wire for ACSR cable, specifications:
Annealed Single Aluminum Wire ( Diameter 4.44mm), for 795 MCM (Drake)
Annealed Single Aluminum Wire ( Diameter 2.69mm), for 605 MCM (Duck)
Annealed Single Aluminum Wire ( Diameter 3.14mm), for 397.5 MCM (Ibis)
Annealed GI Wire ( Diameter 3.45mm & Diameter 2.69mm & Diameter 2.44mm )