Aluminium Window Screenis made of plain woven aluminum alloy wire nets. Aluminum Netting is popularly used as window and door screening wire against bugs and insects in residential and commercial buildings. It is excellent in moisture-resistance and light weight. Other materials like galvanized powder coated steel, fiberglass, stainless steel are also available at your choice.


Tough and durable mesh fabric;
A light weight;
Excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance.


Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Wire, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Galvanized Steel, etc.


Silver or Charcoal epoxy coated finish, powder coated finish.


We offer:
Invisible Window Screen;
Aluminum Alloy Wire Netting;
Anti-insect Aluminium Screen Mesh;
Sliding Window Screen;
Aluminum Mosquito Net;
Aluminum Profile Retractable Window Screen;
Pet Screen Mesh;
Window Guard Shield Grid;
Magnetic Insect Screen;
Black Powder Coated 316 and 316L Security Mesh for Window Screen.

Aluminium Mosquito Mesh - uPVC window screen

Aluminum mosquito mesh for uPVC windows
Mesh: 14 x 14
Rolls: 4 feet width x 30 meters length

Aluminum Mesh with frames - Black Window Security Screens

帧屏幕:铝6063 T52 Z削减开云体育手机版pot welded together
The mesh screen is black color coated.
Installation: The security screens are welded to the back side of the frames and screwed onto the house.

Aluminium Alloy Screen for Ventilation and Screening Material

The mesh is woven into rectangular or square hole metal cloth by Al-alloy wire which contains magnesium, and the color is silvery white. Aluminum Alloy Insect Screen can be coated with epoxy coating to silver gray, charcoal black and other colors.

Woven Mesh Netting in Aluminum
Aluminium Mesh Screening, plain weave, 18 x 16 mesh, 0.011 wire diameter, in rolls, suitable for most door and window applications.

Material: Aluminum alloy wire 5154
Standard roll width of insect screening: 0.6-1.8m; length: 30m or 100m.
Surface: Natural color.
Weaving Pattern: Plain Weave
Supplied in rolls or cut pieces.

Selvedged Aluminium Fly Wire Mesh

Woven Aluminum Insect Netting with Selvages or Edges
US Standard Aluminium Alloy Screen, with Selvedge Weave, 18x14 mesh, Wire: 0.23mm, Roll Size: 3'x30m.

Square Hole Mesh in Aluminum against flies and bugs
Aluminum Mesh, Plain Woven, Hole Pattern: Square, 16x16 mesh

Charcoal Black Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Plisse Screen is made of woven E or C class filament yarn coated with latex coating used for highly effective mosquito and insect screen. This is a new style of window screen and mosquito shields.
Frame Style: single slide, double free-movement, double slide, double slide and free movement, free movement.

Retractable Pleated Fiberglass Plisse Mesh
Powder Coated Fiber Mesh Foldaway Net: Screen mesh: 20x20, thickness of aluminum frame: 1.2mm

Product Details:
Charcoal Fiberglass Plisse Mesh Window Screen
Hole Shape: Square or rectangular.
Hole Size: 20x20mesh, 16x16 mesh, 14x14mesh for square opening. 18x16 mesh for rectangular opening.
Weight Range: 90g-130g/m2
Roll Width: 0.5-2.5m
Colors: Charcoal black. Silver also available.

Plisse Mesh ( Fiber Glass Materials) Features:
•Easy to clean: Easy cleaning of the folding plisse screens to make your screens each day as new.
•Anti-wind design: The side rails fixtures of the pleated insect screen avoid encountering strong winds from the slide gauze, while keeping the mosquitoes completely blocked.
•Invisible View from Outside to Keep Privacy: Unique design blocking the mosquitoes into the room.

Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Diamond Mesh Panels
Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Security Mesh for Windows and Doors

Stainless steel bulletproof diamond mesh in 304 for 11mesh x 0.9mm and 316 for 11mesh x 0.8mm, or 10 mesh X 0.71/0.81.
304 stainless steel is stronger and wear resistance than 316 because of its wire diameter 0.9mm compared to 0.8mm in S.S 316. 316 stainless steel has better corrosion resistance.
Powder Coated Stainless Steel Wire Mesh can be used in windows, doors as bullet proof security screening.

Applied to following doors and windows styles:
1.Hinged Doors
2.Sliding Doors
3.Double Doors
4.Security Screens
5.Fire Escape Exit Screens
6.Cyclone Screens.
7. Pet Screen.

Window Security Amplimesh

开云体育官方下载 is a kind of expanded one piece mesh system designed for safety against theft. Aluminum Amplimesh provides a strong security grille and decorative partition for openings, doors and windows.

控制zed Aluminum Amplimesh Window Grille
Aluminum Alloy Ampli Mesh Shielding Grid, 7mm Thickness, 60 x 60 Mesh, Beige Color, Powder Coated or Finish with Aluminium Anodizing.

Rainproof Window Guard

Material: Aluminum 1060
Color: black, white, etc.
Application: Security door/window screen mesh

Perforated Aluminum Window Guard Screening
Checkered Aluminum Plate stops rainwater from entering the house through the window or door.