Perforated Aluminum Corner Beads, Angle Beads, Stop Beads

Perforated aluminum sheet corner beads with durability and lightweight make ideal plaster stop materials. Aluminum perforated corner beads are designed for plastering in drywall construction of suspended ceilings, roof, floor, wall frame and insulation system.

Common Specifications of Perforated Aluminum Corner Beads
Strip Thickness: 0.3mm to 2mm.
Hole Size: 1.5mm to 2mm.
Perforation hole shape: Round hole, diamond.
Length and Width: 2.4m, 2.7m, and 3m length, widths varying.

Lightweight: Aluminum corner beads are lighter compared to perforated steel ones;
Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum naturally resists corrosion;
Easy to Work With: Being a softer metal, aluminum can be easily cut and shaped;
High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Despite being lightweight, aluminum corner beads provide substantial strength.
有成本效益的:从长远来看,铝穿孔d plaster beads are cost-efficient due to their long lifespan and minimal maintenance needs.

Uses- Perforated Aluminum Corner Beads are mostly used in these fields:
Wall Reinforcement: commonly used in walls to prevent cracks and to reinforce the plaster.
Corner Protection: utilized to protect the corners of walls from potential damages due to impacts.
Aesthetic Finish: provide a neat and finished look to the corners, enhancing the aesthetics of the building.
Ceiling Construction: providing a seamless finish and additional structural strength.
Frame Structuring: used in framing structures to provide a clean line and defined edge.

Round Hole Corner Bead or Diamond Hole Corner Bead?
Round hole perforated corner beads have Flange wings generally 40mm to 50mm for better plaster adhesion.

Round hole perforated corner beads offer these Features:
Easy Installation
Corrosion Resistance
High Strength for protecting corners
Aesthetic Finish: Provides a neat, aesthetic finish to the corners

Round hole aluminum corner beads are best suit in:
Wall Corners
Ceiling Edges

Diamond Hole Perforated Aluminum Corner Bead is supplied in Hole Size 5x20mm, 10x40mm, with a Plaster Key of 5mm to 10mm plaster key for better adhesion.
Diamond plaster bead offers these Features:
Robustness: Due to its design, it offers a robust structure for stopping plaster
Flexible: Can be easily shaped to meet specific requirements
Excellent Adherence: The diamond hole shape allows for excellent adherence of plaster

Diamond Corner Bead is best suited in following Uses:
Plaster Stop: Used as a stop to prevent plaster overflow
Edges and Joints: Can be used at edges and joints to prevent cracking and to provide a neat finish
Defining Areas: Utilized for defining plaster stop, providing clean and defined lines

Products and Specifications We Supply

Perforated Aluminum Base Beads / Corner Beads For Walls Plastering

Corner beads can be supplied in aluminum, also in other netals including SS, galvanized:
Base Bead: Materials: Aluminum, Size: 25mm W
Expanded metal corner bead
Tile Corner Guard (Wall), material; SST 304
Corner Bead; materials; Zinc, 25mm W

Perforated Aluminum Corner Beads - Ceiling Stop Beads for Ceiling Perimeter

Material: Round hole perforated aluminum strip
0.30 Mm Sheet Thickness
23x23 Mm Width
2.50 M Length

Aluminum Plaster Stop
Drip Bead / Plaster Stop 12mmx12mm
Floor / Wall seperation

Perforated Angle Bead

Plaster Stop Beading (For 16mm Thickness) Wall Edge SS
Perforated Angle Bead (For 16mm Thickness) Wall Corners (External) SS
Perforated Angle Bead (For 16mm Thickness) Wall Corners (Internal) GI
Ceiling Stop Bead Ceiling Perimeter SS