Knitmesh is made of metal wires: Aluminum, galvanised steel, stainless steel, Monel and other alloys. Round wire or flat wire.

Alu Knitted Mesh is a kind ofAluminum Woven Meshknitted in flat wire supplied in 500-600 mm width rolls and other roll sizes.

Knitted aluminum wire mesh strips provide excellent RFI/EMI shielding and filtration solutions.
Shielding seals supplied in forms of Compressed mesh gaskets or O rings
Processing knit mesh into gaskets:
Knitted aluminum wire mesh is made into gaskets through a compression die
Fabric layers: Single layer, double layer, tri layers
EMI seals aluminum knitted mesh compressed gaskets

Knitted Mesh Filter Screen

Material: Rolled and crushed mesh knitted aluminium wire flatted
Wire diameter: 0.27 and custom

AluminIum Knitted Mesh

Big loops around 5x5 mm
Small loops: 2x4 mm
Weight for single layer: 100 g/m2
Application: Mesh Shielding Strip

Knitted Mesh Wirewith aluminum frame

Knitted wire mesh stainless steel as media for demister filter manufacturer
Demister filter, size: 24X24X2inches
MEDIA: Stainless Knitted Mesh
Demister filter with aluminum frame and knitted mesh filter media
All stainless steel construction
Cleanable by water
Multiple layers media with wire mesh
High velocity and Low pressure loss
Available for 1", 2" and 4" frame thickness

Filtration Aluminium Knitwire Netting Rolls

Wire Form: Flat wire
Wire thickness: 0.12 mm
Wire width: 0.60 mm
Roll width: 600 mm