Aluminum Hexagonal Hole Mesh

Hexagonal mesh comes in two types:aluminum sheet meshand woven wire mesh aluminum coated.

Aluminum Mesh Hexagon Hole

Hexagonal Mesh in Aluminum is popularly used as decorative mesh in interior and exterior decoration.
Forms: Hexagonal aluminum mesh is supplied in flat sheets and raised hexagonal aluminum panels.

Anodized Aluminum Hexagonal Metal Mesh for Cladding Panels
Aluminum Raised Expanded Hex Mesh
Long way of opening (LWO) 100mm
Small way of opening( SWO) 30mm
Raised Expanded Mesh, overall thickness 20mm
Sheet thickness 3mm
Strand Width 15mm
Ventilation type: 79% open area
Finish: Gold anodized aluminum
Process: Aluminum to be anodized after expansion
Panel size: Standard and customized
Material: Anodized Aluminum Hexagonal Metal Mesh for Roof Cladding Panels and Wall Cladding Panels

Hexagonal Mesh Aluminum + Zinc coated

Zinc Aluminum Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh is mainly used in building, gabions and and chicken fencing.

The aluminum zinc coating, also known as Galfan coating, renders the hexagonal wire netting an excellent corrosion resistance in outdoor weathering.

Twist Woven Wire Hex Mesh Chicken Netting
Hexagonal wire mesh, wire diameter: BWG17-27, Aperture:3/8"-4", Roll width:0.2m-2.0m, Roll length:30m-60m
Materials: Galvanized Steel, finished with Alu + Zinc coating.