Architects Decorative Aluminum Facade Mesh

Aluminium Meshmakes ideal decorative material in facades and other archiectural designs.

Decorative aluminum mesh types popularly used in facade decoration:
Round hole aluminum mesh panels
Hexagonal mesh
年代quare hole aluminum mesh panels

Facade Decoration Aluminum Mesh Panels

Round Hole Decorative Facade Panel Meshfor commercial buildings
Aluminum Mesh, round hole flat sheet
Aluminum mesh round hole corrugated sheet
Round hole aluminum mesh sheet

Architects Decorative Facade Mesh
Aluminum mesh shade facade panels
Material for Residential Architects
Decorative Façade Mesh for US customer
Pattern: 50% Shade Façade
Material: Aluminum expanded mesh sheets
年代heet size 8FT X 4FT and others

Decorative Vent Facade Mesh
Pattern: 39% Vent Façade
Material: Aluminum
For USA customer

Decorative Aluminum Mesh Panel, Square Hole, Powder Coated
Aluminum mesh panel with ½” x ½” square hole
Finish: Black powder coat ( 4'-0" x 8'-0" )
For Sydney Australia

Louvered Sheet
Aluminum mesh, metal grey color