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Decorative Coated Aluminum Panels - Round Embossed Mesh Metalic and Wavy Perforated

我们供应压花轮和波浪alumi穿孔num panels with decorative coating for various architectural designs.

Decorative Aluminum Panel - Round Embossed

Panel size:
1500mm x 2438 – 16+16
2000mm x 2438 – 16+24

Embossed sheets with decoative Ral Coatings
Ral 7022-Umbra Grey
Ral 3011 Brown Red
Ral 8004 – Copper Brown

Aluminum Panel - Mesh Metallic Panel with Ral Coating

Raised Hexagonal Mesh Panels in Aluminium
Supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes

Aluminum panels with Ral Coating ( Ral 3016-Coral Red ) for Decoration
Panel size:1500mm x 3000
Panel size: 2000mm x 3000

Aluminum Panel - Decorative Wavy Perforated Panel

Wave pattern panels:
1500mm x 3000
2000mm x 3000

This decorative aluminum panels are coated with Ral Coating:
Optional colors: Ral 7022- Umbra Grey & Ral 8004-Coral Red

Wave sheet with perforation and coated: