Aluminum Alloy Crimped Wire Mesh Screen - Rigid woven wire with great strength

Crimped Mesh can be made of Aluminum, Stainless, Mild Steel with a variety of finishes for industrial uses.

Crimped Mesh Features:

Rigid crimped wire mesh screen
1, Heavy Duty
2, Square, Rectangular Opening
3, Pre-Crimped Wire Mesh for Industrial Screening
4, Materials: Aluminum of various grades, also SS 316, or GI steel

Crimped Aluminum Mesh Screen can be made of following Aluminum Alloy:
Aluminum Alloy 2024-T4 PER AMS-QQ-A-225/6;
Aluminum 5056-H32, H34 PER AMS4182;
Aluminum 6061-T6 PER AMS4117;
Other alum or alloy materials.

Crimped Mesh Specifications:
Wire Pre-crimp Style: Double Crimped, Crimped, Intermediate Crimped
Weave Pattern: Square hole, rectangular, special
Mesh: Various from fine mesh to coarse mesh
Wire diameter: Various depending on uses.

Double Crimped Square Weave Aluminum Cloth
Mesh / Linear Inch 8 x 8
Wire diameter: .0280
Width of square opening: .0970

Crimped Mesh Uses
Safety Barriers
Ventilation Panels
Decorative mesh for industrial uses.