Woven Aluminum Mesh Bright Finish and Aluminum Black Powder Coated Mesh

Aluminum Woven Wire Meshis made by weaving Aluminum or Alu Alloy wire, popularly used for architectural design, screen, marine, automotive and filter applications. Typically made from aluminum wire, lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Hole Shape: Square, rectangular, custom-made.

Materials for Aluminum Meshes
1, 5000 series Aluminum (5056 Aluminum, 5154 Alum, etc) is material popularly used in wire mesh industry.
2, 6061 aluminum mesh.
3, Aluminum alloy 2024
4, 5052 Al-Magnesium Alloy Wire Mesh for insect screening.
5, Materials of other aluminum grades also available.

5056-H32 OR H34 PER AMS4182;
6061-T6 PER AMS4117;
Or equivalent quality.

Finishes: Mill finish or anodized finish for additional corrosion resistance.

We offer various choices of woven aluminum meshes with different mesh counts (from 2x2 to 120x120, to 200 x 200), materials, sizes and wire gauges (0.05 mm to 2 mm). We customize the wire mesh products according to the requirements of our customers.


Plain Weave, Twill or Dutch Weave
Knit Weave
CrimpedWire Weave


Aluminum Mesh Wire enjoys following features:
.Extremely tough and durable
.好通过xibility & high strength
.Easy to clean
.Light weight


Bright Aluminum Wire Mesh for Screen Application

Aluminum Wire Insect Mesh for Screen Uses
Bright Finish
Mesh: 16 x 16 mesh
Roll size: 20”wide x 100 feet

Black (Vinyl Coated) Aluminum Mesh

Aluminum Woven Mesh Black Vinyl Coated
Custom Width
405mm x 30meters
45mm x 30mm
45mm x16meters

Aluminum Black Powder Coated Mesh

Material: Aluminum Black Powder Coated
Wire diameter: 0.018”
Mesh: #16
Sheet size:
1244mm x 3073mm (49”x 121”)
1244mm x 2463mm (49”x 97”)

Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh for security doors

Aluminum mesh sheets
Sheet size: 36" x 84"
Wire gauge: SWG18 x 4mesh
Wire gauge: SWG21 x 6mesh
Wire gauge: SWG24 x 10mesh

Aluminum Mesh Wire ASTM E 2016

Mesh: 40 mesh
Wire: .010" dia wire
Standard: per ASTM E 2016
Roll size: 100 feet x 36"

We supply Aluminum Mesh custom-made according to specifications or ordered in standard sizes.

Aluminum Mesh made of aluminum alloy wire, with varying gauges and sizes is suitable for window screens, insulation shields, sunshade screen and ventilation grilles.

The aluminum alloy used to make Aluminum Mesh is made mostly of aluminum and other elements such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, and copper. Alu alloy is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, offering excellent thermal performance.

APPLICATIONS - Architecture, Mine Screening, Safety and Security, EMI Shielding

Aluminum woven mesh is often used as decorative mesh for construction and architectural structures.

1, Construction and Architecture:
Facades: For decorative and protective facades on buildings.
Insect Screening: Used in windows and doors as screens for protection against pests.
Ventilation Systems: Incorporated in ventilation systems to allow airflow while blocking unwanted particles.
2, Automotive: Utilized in making lightweight components for aerospace and automotive industries.
Filtration Systems: Incorporated in filtration systems to separate solids from liquids or gases.
3,Decoration: Furniture Decoration: Integrated into furniture designs for both functional and decorative purposes.
4,Safety Barriers: Used in creating safety barriers in mining and other environments, and Protective Barriers for machinery and equipment.
5, Electrical conductivity.