Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Fence

We supply aluminum wire mesh fence with alum fencing mesh, posts and fittings, barbed wire per standard and customized sizes for security fencing uses.

Standard Aluminum Mesh Fabric, Posts and Accessories

Fence Posts
1-5/8' Pipe Aluminuminum x 10'
1-5/8" Rail Sleeve Aluminum
2" Pipe Aluminum x 12'
3" Pipe Aluminum x 12'

Barbed Wires
Barb Arm 45deg 2" x 1-5/8"
Barbed Wire Aluminum in 1000' rolls
Brace Band Aluminum 2" x 1-5/8"
Brace Band Aluminum 3" x 1-5/8"
Carriage Bolt Aluminum 5/16"

Mesh Fabrics for Fence and Gates
Mesh Fabric in Rolls, Diamond Mesh, Aluminum 2", 9 Gauge, 8' KT x 50'/roll

Fence Gates
Double Gate 14' 6" W opening (1-5/8" Frame)
Fence Drop Rod Aluminum
Gate Hinges-Gravity Self Closing Gate Hinge Aluminum (3" x 1-5/8")
Gate Latch-Fork Latch Aluminum
Rail End 1-5/8"
Single Gate 5-11-1/2" W opening (1-5/8" Frame)
Tension Band Aluminum 2"
Tension Band Aluminum 3"
Tension Bar Aluminum 1/4" x 3/4" x 8'
Ties Aluminum 9Ga x 4"
Ties Aluminum 9Ga x 5"
12' Truss Rod (3/8") Aluminum
Truss Rod Tightener (fits 3/8" Truss rod) Aluminum
Post Cap 3" Aluminum
Post Cap 4" Aluminum

Aluminum Woven Mesh Fence Materials Details Specifications: Mesh Fabric, Aluminum Pipes, Rail Sleeves, Fixing Parts, Fence Gates, Barbed Wire

Aluminum Post1-5/8' x 10'
Aluminum Pipe Post

Post Cap 4" Aluminum

Brace Band

Aluminum Rail End

Aluminum Tension Band2"

Chainlink Fabric, Aluminum 2", 9Ga, 8' KT x 50'/roll

Ties Aluminum 9Ga x 3"

Galvanized Barbed Wire