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Aluminum Security Screens

We supply aluminum security screens in amplimesh and pleated woven mesh types, used for safety and security against intruders. These aluminum alloy security mesh is used as aesthetic and physical barrier featuring reliable strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum security mesh screen can be used indoors and outdoors requiring minimal maintenance. The aluminum security mesh has an opening ranging from 1/4" to 3/4" while various specifications can be customized.

We can produce aluminum security screens according to drawings, details or other requirements, complete with frames and angle clips per request.

We also provide stainless steel anchors, bolts, expansion shields, and other fasteners required for the complete installation.

We can supply samples before shipment for customers approval:
Mock-up Sample: One 12-inch x 12-inch mock-up sample consisting of the perimeter extruded frame, mullion, screen mesh, angle clip and fasteners.

Aluminum Security Screen Mesh, 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy, with Frame and Accessories

Technical Details:
Aluminum security screen mesh is manufactured from 6063-T5 or 6063-T4 aluminum alloy and temper.

Standard Size Mesh:
一个. Minimum Extrusion Section Width: 0.228-inch.
b. Minimum Extrusion Section Height: 0.276-inch.
c. Maximum Opening Dimension: 2.875-inches by 3.125-inches.

Aluminum Extruded Framing:
Aluminum framing is manufactured from 6063-T5 or 6063-T4 aluminum alloy and temper of the sizes and shapes as detailed in the contract drawings or as our standard aluminum security screen.

Screen Frame Corner Reinforcement:

Aluminum Angle Clips:
1-1/2 inches wide x 1/8-inch thick.

5/8-inch diameter round anodized aluminum.
No PVC spacers.

Anchor Bolts, Screws, Nuts & Washers:
Stainless steel, Type 304 alloy.
Fasteners are tamper-resistant type.

Pop-rivets size: 1/8-inch diameter anodized aluminum.

Touch-up Paint:
Dark bronze color or equivalent coatingr.

Aluminum security screen shall be free of major scratches and other surface blemishes.
All exposed security screen mesh, frame and clip angle surfaces shall be provided with a dark bronze anodized finish of minimum 0.0007-inch (17.58 microns) thickness.
Cut ends, punched or drilled holes, fasteners used to connect bronze anodized parts and minor scratches are touch-up painted to match the dark bronze anodized finish.
Anchor bolts, screws, nuts and washers exposed surfaces have a dark bronze finish or equivalent to match aluminum security screen assembly per customers request or as our standard product.


Installation Tips of Security Screen for Windows

The aluminum security screens shall be installed and erected in their proper location/opening, plumb and true, and securely anchored to the substrate in accordance with the installation details, instructions and recommendations.

1. Holes: Drill or punch holes required for bolted or pop-rivet connections.
2. Cut ends and holes are free of burrs.
3. The security screen mesh opening size specified and the orientation of the security screen mesh within the frame shall be maintained at each opening.
4. The security screen mesh shall be oriented within the frame so that the direction of the extrusion is in the vertical position. Also, where the screen mesh is connected to the frame and mullions, the mesh opening adjacent to the frame/mullion shall be at least one-half of the opening size noted above.
5. The corners of the aluminum extrusion frames shall be neatly mitered and assembled using corner reinforcement. The security screen mesh shall be securely fastened to the extruded framing with pop-rivets spaced at a maximum of 6-inches on-center. Welding of the screens and frames is not acceptable.
6. Vertical "H" section splice bars/mullions shall be located so that they are aligned with the window mullions.
7. Concealed fasteners shall be used to secure the security screen/frame assembly to the supporting angle clips. The angle clips shall be oriented so that the leg in contact with the building is not exposed (located behind the security screen). This leg shall also have slotted holes to permit for field adjustment of the screens.
8. Fasteners securing the clip angle to the substrate and other fasteners which are exposed or accessible to vandalism shall be the tamper-resistant type.
9.Security screens shall be positioned so that they do not interfere with the proper operation of the window.

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Woven Security Screen Mesh:

Aluminum security screen mesh can be powder coated and pleated.