Aluminum Perforated Sheetis the most populararchitectural cladding and decoration material for building walls, facades, columns, ceilings, roofs, canopies or balconies. Perforated sheet is punched to mesh from mainly aluminium plate and other metals. We produce perforated panels not only from aluminum and aluminum alloy (1100 or 3003 usually), but also materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper plate or nickel plate.

Perforated Panels in Aluminium come with different sizes, patterns, colors and shapes based on clients' requirements. The light weight and customizable design make Aluminum Perforated Sheet popular choices applied to the building façade or curtain wall systems. A wide variety of architectural designs can be achieved by using perforated metal cladding in either interior or exterior decoration.


Surface treatmentfor aluminum material:
- Natural aluminum alloy surface, polished, shine or a dull mill finish;
- Anodized finish;
-Powder coating;
- PVDF coating.

PVDF Coatings Available in all RAL colors

PVDF coated perforated aluminum is durable and resistant to rains / moisture, sunlight and chemicals.
Applied to Perforated Sheet used for outdoor or exterior building walls decoration.

Powder / Polyester Coating

Powder coated aluminum perforated panels are mainly applied to interior / indoor decorations.
A variety of architectural textures is rendered easily with powder coating.


According to the punching hole shape, Perforated Mesh in Aluminum is mainly divided in to diamond, round, checker, decorative and other custom patterns. Details as listing below. The most common type of perforated aluminum isround holepattern.

Checkered Diamond Plate
Cruciate Flower
Raised Hole / Dimple
Perforation Arranged in Checker Pattern

Custom perforation and pattern arrangements are available.


•Protect the architectures from strong sun light,
•fire proof,
•sound absorption,
•simple installation,
•low maintenance cost,
• fashion design,
•various colors,
• deluxe outlook,
• environment-friendly.


General Application of Perforated Sheet Metal ( Aluminium):

Perforated Metal Sheet is used in ceiling and wall panels decoration, air flow and light disffusion, security guarding and many other applications in architectural design projects.

Facades or curtain walls;
Round or square columns cladding of building;
Ceilings and roofs decoration;
Buildings, subways, tunnels, and bus stations, airport waiting rooms, bridges, toll gates decoration;
Decoration with glass for curtain walls;
Shielding sheets of machines, electrical equipment;
Metal screen to control the flow of air in roof design;
Decorative roof panel for light diffusing;
Privacy screen;
Building walls acoustical boards for reducing the noise;
Sun shading sheet;
Fencing and decoration of the building stairs, balconies, hotel towers;
Mesh covers of audio amplifiers;
Mesh curtains for space partition and privacy screen;
Other uses (traffic noise barrier, shielding for machinery and other facilities, auto grille, etc).

Below you can have a look of perforated metal sheet in real cases of application, and formed in different designs, sizes and openings.

Perforated Metal Screen Partitions

Punched Aluminum or Stainless Steel Plate Partitions with Decorative Patterns for Residential or Private Spaces

Architectural Privacy Screen
Aluminium Metal Partitions, Round Hole Perforation, Modular Panels

Architectural Aluminum Acoustic Panels

Purpose: Interior ceiling panels and wall panels for decoration and sound insulation. Ideal for theaters, recording studio, television station, music hall, auditorium, stadium, hotel, KTV, museum, library, banks, courts, multi-function halls for sound / acoustic absorbing and insulation.

Interior Sound Control Screen Panels
Perforated Ceiling Tiles, Standard size 1220*2440, 600*600mm, thickness/ mm 8/10/12/15/20, Basic material: Aluminum Alloy, Acoustic tissue: Black felt attached on the back for fireproof and soundproof, Sound absorbing coefficient: Whole frequency, Fire retardant grade: B1

Ceiling Tile Shape: Square
Function: Fireproof; Heat Insulation; Moisture-Proof; Mould-Proof; Sound-Absorbing; Waterproof
Used as:
Auminium interior ceiling for sound acoustic absorber;
Mobile interior wall paneling;
Suspended structure metal ceilings.


Micro Round Hole Perforated Sheet for Acoustic Panel
Material: Aluminum or Stainless ( Grade AISI304, 316, 316L)
Thickness:16 Gauge, Mill Finish,
Hole diameter:1/16"
Center pitch: 7/64"
Staggered Pattern,
Open area:30%
Sheet size:48" Width x 120" Length

Thickness: 24 Gauge, Mill Finish
Hole diameter:1/8" Holes on
Center pitch:3/16" Centers
Staggered Pattern
Open area:40% Open Area,
Sheet size:48" Width x 120" Length

Thickness:26 Gauge, Mill Finish
Hole diameter:0.027"
Center pitch:0.050"
Straight Row Pattern
Open area:23%
Sheet, 36" Width x 120" Length

Perforated Panels for Ceiling Air Flows and Ventilation Designs

Air flow is an important factor needed to be considered in architectural designs where perforated metal come as an ideal mesh material. The perforated panels used for building air flow control are called perforated diffusers or air diffusers.

Popular Specifications:

常见的孔大小是1/32”,1/16的“3/32”,1/8”,3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2", 3/4" and 1". Other hole sizes can be manufactured. Also available are decorative patterns. Standard available panel thicknesses are 20ga, 16ga, 11ga, and 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8".

1/8 Perforated Anodized Aluminum Screen Ceiling Panels

Modular Air Diffuser Screens, 1/8 inch Perforated Anodized Aluminum Panels, for Roof Air Flow, Size 22-3/4 Wide x 47 Long complete with edged perimeter border frame, predrilled holes (3 on each side). Custom design available.

The holes and openings can be square, round, hexagonal and decorative to meet the whole setting style of the architectures.

Optional Pattern:

Decorative Air Screen

Laser Cut Architectural Panel for USA

Stainless Steel / Bronze / Aluminum Slotted Mesh

Slotted Aluminum Meshof Multiple Design:

Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze
Purpose: Slotted Panels for Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Design
Perforated metal sheet, aluminium, round holes metal sheet, honeycore type alum sheet, sizes 1200x2400 mm, 600x600mm. or 600mm X 1200mm

Elevator Cabin Cladding Perforated Panels

Round Hole Perforated Aluminum Corrugated for Elevator Cabin Decoration

Decorative aluminum mesh for the inside cladding of an elevator cabin

多孔铝开云体育手机版for Architectural Wall Panels

Project:Corrugated Perforated Aluminum Sheet for Hospital Building Curtain Wall Structure

Building Project Details

Extruded Aluminum Sight Louvers:

Aluminium Curtain Wall System with Insulated Glass:

Metal Sun Shade Screen:

Perforated Corrugated Metal Panel System:

Aluminum Perforated Panels for Building THERMAL AND MOISTURE
Perforated Corrugated Metal Panel with Ribs

Decorative, Corrugated Aluminum perforated Panel
with PVDF Coating with Ribs at 183 mm on Center
3 mm Dia perforations
5 mm Dia perforations

Decorative, Corrugated Aluminum Perforated Panel
with PVDF Coating with Ribs at 229 mm on Panel
3 mm Dia perforations
5 mm Dia perforations

Decorative, Corrugated Aluminum perforated
Panel with PVDF Coating with Ribs at 305 mm on Center
3 mm Dia perforations
5 mm Dia perforations

Perforated Metal Panel
Patterns and Sizes Illustration:

Project :Hotel Tower Metal Wall Panels

Building Wall Cladding Panels

Round Hole Mesh Sheet, Surface: Smooth, flat finish.

Aluminum Panels on Building Envelope

1. PVDF Coatings
Resistant to exterior weathering such as fading, color change, chalking and cracking.
Warranty: Ten years warranty for weathering, color retention.

2. Aluminum Perforated Panel 3mm Thick
Perforated in modular aluminum subframe.
Finish: Coating for architectural use on aluminum metal.

3. Screen panels on demountable subframe attached on structural framing system.

Modular Perforated Aluminum Panels for Architectural Uses

Decorative Ceiling

Design Purpose: Aluminum cladding external and internal works. Mainly targeted at Saudi Arabia.

Aluminum Sheet Punched with Hexagonal Hole
Aluminum Corrugated Sheet Perforated Ceilings, perforated or laser cut

Aluminum Cladding Sheet for Construction Project


Sheet thickness : 2.5 mm

Perforated metal aluminum wall panels:

Aluminium Corrugated Cladding Sheet for decoration and windproof
Aluminium Sheet, Thickness 0.7mm, Temper : 3105 H18
Color Coating : Top Coat 5 Microns primer + 15-17 Microns Regular Modified Polyester Paint (Color: RAL1001), Bottom Coat : 8-10 Microns Primer White Grey.
Profiled sheet must be capable of withstanding a minimum wind load of 0.7 KN/m over a span of 2.5m.

Aluminum Perforated Wind Guard Screen Panels project for Shopping Mall

Design Purpose:Wind Screen Guardfor High Buildings, Balconies Stair Railings

Aluminum perforated wind guard fixed with steel posts.

Scope of work:
Furnish and Install all Pre-Finished Perforated Aluminum Panel Guard at Tower for building’s and balconies

Wind Guard Screen Panels for High Buildings
Painted Aluminum Perforated Screen Wall, Wind Proof Curtains, 40% open area, with steel post, steel angle or structural angle support to bolted to slab and vertical frame

Perforated Metal Facade Panels

Design Purpose: Architectural Exterior Cladding and Decoration

Round Hole Facade

Decorative Aluminum Perforated Facade Sheet

Aluminum Perforated Panels, 3.0mm thick aluminum per squarecounter weight 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2, round holes.

Square Hole Punched Aluminum Sheet Metal
Square hole perfoated sheet

Light weight, good rigidity, high strength;
Good corrosion resistance with PVDF fluorocarbon paint: 25 years non fading of color;
Easy cleaning and maintenance;
Convenient and quick construction: Supplied in cut modular or standard panels, easily fixed on the frame on site.

Decorative aluminum facades panels are supplied in thickness range: 0.02--3.0mm

Hole shapes: Round, square, rectangle, long hole, five-star, diamond, hexagonal, irregular and decorative.

Square Holes Panel for Facade Decoration:

Perforated Metal Sheet, Material: Aluminum, Sheet Thickness: 3mm, Style: Perforated Square
- Hole Size: 5mm
- In between Size : 2mm
- Sheet Size: standard 1.2 x 2.4m


Hexagonal Hole Sun Shading Facade Screen
Façade Curtain Wall, also used as sun screen, Normal size: 1220*2440mm, Surface Treatment: Anodized

Perforated Metal Facade Sheet, PADF Coated,Slip Resistant Corrugated

Aluminum Perforated Mesh Facade
Aluminum Plate, Micro Hexagonal Hole Perforation, Wall and Facade Covering Mesh Fabric

Slotted Hole Facade Sheet

Black Powder Coated Alumium Architectural Mesh

Perforated Facade Curtain, Slot Hole Size: 4.0*20.0mm, Staggered Pitch: 8.0*24.0mm, Thickness 2.0mm
Open Area: 39.88%
Material: Aluminum powder coated black architectural mesh screen.

Stainless Steel or Aluminum Slotted Sheet for Wet Areas Architectures Design

16 Gauge SS Slotted Sheet

Material: Stainless steel ( Aluminum optional) slotted sheet, 16 gauge,
47-1/8" x 5-5/8"
23-11/16" x 5-5/8"
23-7/16" x 5-5/8"
Purpose: For casework design and wet areas architecture.