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Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels 600x600 and 2'x4', 4'x4'Sheet

We supply aluminum perforated metal ceiling panels, available in standard and custom sizes. Our Acoustical Perforated Metal Pan Ceilings can be designed with acoustic backers.

Major types:
Perforated Acoustic Panel with Insulation Backing
Perforated Metal Ceiling in Black
Aluminum Perforated Ceiling Panel in Timber Finish
Vent Ceiling Metal Grid

Aluminium Perforated Ceiling

Aluminium perforated ceiling
Standard size: 600x600
AluminumThickness: 0.7mm
Hole: 2.3mm
Height: Aluminum 25/30mm
Round Staggered or Round Straight
Standard Perforated, White

Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels - 2'x4'

Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels Aluminum Finish
Sheet size: 2'x4' sheet

Acoustic Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels

Acoustical Perforated Metal Pan Ceilings with acoustic backer:
Sheet size: 4' X 4'
Sheet size: 2' X 4'
Thickness: Not less than 0.57 inch
Edge Detail: Square
NRC: 0.95
Color: Anodized or White
Perforation: 0.098", 16% Open Area