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Perforated Aluminum Mesh Panels

Aluminum mesh panels are made from lightweight aluminum perforated or punched, which offers great strength and weather-resistance. The aluminum perforated metal panels can be used in overall cladding system for both exterior and interior decoration. Perforated aluminum mesh allows for natural ventilation, light control, temperature balancing, and sound insulation, making them an ideal materials in cladding of facades, walls, columns, ceilings, vent grille and HVAC systems.

Perforated Aluminum Mesh Panels 3mm

3mm thick decorative aluminum mesh panels
Decorative aluminum mesh panels in 3mm thickness supplied to Canada
Panel size: 2845mm x 1423mm
Panel size: 2032mm x 1423mm
面板尺寸:3045 mm x 1423 mm
Panel size: 1625mm x 1423mm
Panel size: 1005mm x 1423mm
Panel size: 398mm x 1423mm
Panel size: 2635mm x 1156mm
Panel size: 2440mm x 1156mm
Panel size: 2445mm x 1156mm
Panel size: 1005mm x 1156mm
Panel size: 405mm x 1156mm

Perforated Aluminum Panels5mm Thickness

Perforated Mesh Panels in 5mm thickness, supplied to Australia.
Perforation: 43% open
979mm X 493mm X 5mm
979mm X 533mm X 5mm
979 mm X 905 mm X 5毫米
960mm X 630mm X 5mm

Aluminum Mesh Panel Square Perforation Black Powder Coated

Supplied to America
Aluminum mesh panel with ½" square perforation
Finish: Black powder coat
Rectangular sheet size: 4' x 8'

Aluminum Mesh Panel Black Finish Round Hole Staggered

Perforated metal / aluminum panel in black finish
Panels +/- 1/16" thick
Panel size: 24" x 24" piece

Hole patten actual size

Pattern Type Round Staggered
如果ze * Centers .062" * .125"
Open Area 22%

Aluminum Perforated Panels with Hexagonal, Slot, Square and Round MeshPerforation