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Aluminum Louvered Plate Vent Grille

Aluminum louvered plates are made of an aluminum frame with aluminum louvers designed to provide ventilation while keep out rains, debris, and other outdoor elements.

We supply louver plates in various sizes and styles to suit various projects.

母亲ial: Aluminum louvered sheets are typically produced in anodized aluminum and powder coated aluminum. Aluminum louvered sheets provide an aesthetically pleasing look, great corrosion resistance and durability, while the powder coated aluminum louvers offer a greater degree of protection against water, humidity or extreme cold.

Aluminum Louvers, Amplimesh or Woven Mesh Screen?
Aluminum louvered panels supply ventilation and light while keep privacy and security for spaces. Comparing with aluminum amplimesh, aluminum louvered panels are more rigid and can better resist dents and scratches. Aluminum louvered panels are thicker and heavy, offering more resistance to damage and wear over Aluminum Woven Mesh. Additionally, louvered metal sheets can reduce noise at certain level.

We mainly supply following aluminum louvered plates

Heavy Louvered Metal Screens, sheet size: 2500mm x 1250mm
Louvered Metal Sheet for HVAC and water heater guard
Louvered vents, sheet size: 5' x 18", 80% ventilation

Louvered Channel
Square tube about 1 " inch with louvers on one side
Length: 36" made from aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Perforated Louvered Metal
Perforated / louvered metal
Sheets size of 48" x 48"

Louvered Panels for Equipment - as Guards and Vent Grilles

Louvered panels are popularly used as rain guards and vent grille allowing air flow to the transformer, switch gear, substation components, HVAC system and other equipments.

Louver Designs:

Louver Vent Grille:

Aluminum Louvered Plate with Covers
母亲ial: .050 Aluminum

Louver pattern