Aluminum Insect Screening - Insect and Fly Proof Woven Wire Netting

Aluminum Insect Screen, known as Aluminum Fly Screen, is designed for preventing bugs and insects, while providing excellent visibility and air flow for homes, commercial spaces, and industrial sites.

We supply Aluminium Insect Screen with no weaving error, exact mesh, exact wire diameter, exact roll sizes, high quality material, best quality packing.

Weave Type
Insect screens are manufactured by plain weave pattern, blocking insects and allowing excellent air circulation. The weave pattern ensures the insect screening is sturdy and resilient against wear and tear.

Applications-Where can Aluminum Insect Screen be used?
Aluminum insect screens can be installed in various types ofwindowframes and door systems, also patio and porch enclosures.

High Tensile Strength
Excellent Visibility
Superior Air Flow

High-quality aluminum alloy wires coated for additional durability.
The material ensures excellent resistance to corrosion, humid or coastal areas.

General Specifications
米esh Size: 18x16, 18x14
Wire Diameter: 0.23mm to 0.27mm
Colors: Silver, Charcoal, Black
Roll Sizes: 3ft x 100ft and 4ft x 100ft rolls

Advantages-Durability, functionality, and aesthetics
Long-lasting: Made from durable aluminum, the insect screens are built to last.
Easy to Install: Lightweight makes it for easy installation and replacement.
Eco-friendly: Aluminum is recyclable, making these screens a more eco-friendly choice compared to screens made of non-recyclable materials.
Low Maintenance: Aluminum insect mesh is easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.
Cut to size: Aluminum insect screens can be supplied in cut sizes, or framed panels, to fit into a variety of door and window types.
Color options: Aluminum insect screening can be bright, charcoal or coating into decorative colors, to fit doors and windows of various decoration style.
In conclusion, aluminum insect screens offer a balance of, making them a highly recommended choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Bright Aluminum Insect Screen18 x 16 Mesh

Bright aluminum insect screen wire mesh rolls
Aluminum insect screen wire cloth, supplied with high quality and exact specifications.
Finish: Bright Aluminum
米esh : 18x16"
Wire Diameter: between 0.25mm and 0.28mm
Finish: Bright
Roll Length : 30meters
Roll Width: 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm
Packing : Each roll in cardboard carton box

Aluminum Fly Screen Against Insects- Aluminum Wire Netting 18X14 Mesh

Aluminum wire netting fly screen
Aluminum fly screen in 1200MM X 20M, material: Aluminum wire netting, mesh: 18X14.

Bird and Insect Screen

BWG 31 10 x 10 Aluminum Mesh Bird Screens
米aterial: Bird screen and insect screen made of aluminum wire cloth
Wire gage: BWG 31
Opening: 10x10 aluminum mesh
for Louver openings 7' x 7' and 8' x 8'.


Product Specification Technical Notes
米esh/Inch Wire Gauge Roll Size
Aluminum Insect Screening 10 x 10 BWG31

米aterial: Al-mg alloy

Finish: Natural silver or epoxy resin coated.

14 x 14
18 x 16
18 x 18
18 x 14
22 x 22
24 x 24