Aluminium Grille Mesh - Expanded Aluminum Mesh, Woven Grille Mesh, Perforated Vent Grille

Aluminum mesh is maintenance free and light in weight, can be standard and custom made for architectural vent and automobile ventilation grille.

Aluminum Woven Grille Mesh

Mesh Style Ventilation Grill for OEM Replacement
Material: Chrome coated aluminum wire mesh
Uses: In auto industry as ventilation grills.

Aluminum Grille Aperture Mesh
Opening size 67mm x 84 mm
Finish: Mill finish
Panel size: Various upon request.
Aluminum grade: Various

Aluminum Woven Grille Mesh Sheet
Size: 16"X40" sheet
Material: Aluminum woven wire fabric

Perforated Vent Grille

Perforated MetalMesh Grille
For Architect / Door /Vent
Product: Perforated Metal Sheet/ Screen
Material: Aluminium/ Stainless Steel
Perforation Shape: Round
Hole Size: 5mm dia.
Thickness: 2mm and 3mm
Colour: Bronze
Open Area: more than 70%

Expanded Mesh Grille for Vehicles

Finish: Anodized Aluminum Mesh Grille, Black and other Decorative Colors available
Aluminum mesh grille for auto ventilation and shielding
Hole: Honeycomb / Hex Mesh
Size: 19"x35" for Auto Cars Shielding Grate