We supply Aluminum Fence System with post railings, ornamental or security anti-climbing top designs, gates and other accessories.The metal fencing finds extensive applications in security fences, residential fencing and garden border fencing.

Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Fenceis the most popular general purpose fencing material with corrosion resisting and decorative coating colors. In addition to safety barrier, the powder coated aluminium fence railings add a touch of vintage to the buildings and sites. Also known as Ornamental Fence.


Aluminum Fence is a kind of Non-welding fencing product with easy fixing and it is environmental friendly;
Fence Panels are vailable in many sizes, colors, finishes and styles;
A variety of designs to meet specific ornamental and security requirements;
Aluminum Ornamental Fence combines strength, beauty and durability all in one;
黑色粉末涂层装饰铝栅栏开云体育手机版s ideal replacement for the traditional wrought iron fence, at less cost, and it is maintenance-free.


Flat top, open top, round top, bow top, spear, picket or pointed top.
Decorative flat rail top, round top and bow top fences are mainly used as boundary fences, or swimming pool fence, pet fences.
Spear or picket top fences are mainly used as security fence providing a higher level of safety for certain sites.

Flat Rail Aluminum Boundary Fence
Aluminum Fence Black Powder Coated, Flat Top Boundary Fencing, with 3 rails, one bottom rail, double top rails.

Portable Aluminum Fence with Spear Top

Portable Fence Railings Panels
1000’ of 12’ x 6’ Portable Aluminum Powder Coated Fence Panels, with security spear top. Modulalr standard panel or custom sizes.


Below you can have a look of Aluminium Fences in real cases of application, and formed in different designs, sizes and finishes.

Aluminum Perimeter Security Fence

Aluminum Fence, Perimeter Fence
Aluminum Ornamental Railing Panels, Black Powder Coated Finish, Spear Top, Distance between pipe post is approx. 12 inch', Height of panel 5 inch, for Canada villa / residential area.

Aluminum Picket Fence Panels for schools, kindergartens, apartment buildings and Residential Decoration in Scandinavia Countries

Ornamental Aluminum Residential Fence
Aluminum Picket Fence Element: 1000x 1940 mm and 1200x 1940, Aluminum tube Rail : 38 x 25 x 1.5mm, Picket:16 x 16x 1.2 mm
Coating: pure aluminium (no paint)

Drawing Reference:

Ormanental Palisade Fence for UK and other EURO Countries

Euro Fence High Security Pencing Panels with Gates
Aluminum Palisade Fence, 3 meter Height with Aluminum Palisade Fence Gate, 2m x 3m, for Power Plant Construction. Post 50.8*50.8*1.6, 36"H X 72"W.

Product Details:

Palisade Fence, popularly used in UK and other European countries, for garden, residential back yards fencing, power plants and other sites border fencing uses. Also known as Euro Fence.

Materials: Powder coated steel palisade; aluminum alloy.
Cross Section: W profile and D profile

The advantages of palisade fences over other forms of perimeter walls or fencing are that it is almost impossible to climb or cut.

Palisade Fence Tops: Triple pointed pale head, spear head or single pointed top.

W Section Pale Thickness:
2mm: general purpose
2.5mm: security
3mm: special

W Pale Fence Tops:
1. Triple Pointed Top
2. Single Pointed Top
3. Round top
4.Round and Notched top

D section pale in 3 thickness:
3mm: General purpose
3.5mm: Security purpose
4mm: Special

D Pale Fence Tops:
Square top
Triple pointed top
Single pointed top
Round top
Round and notched top

Decorative Aluminum Pool Safety Fence System

Black Powder Coated Portable Fence Panels

Aluminium Infill Railing Mobile Fence, fence panels 1200mm x 2000mm with 50mm x 50 mm posts, Black powder coated. Security fence temporarily built around the pool to keep the children safety. Top Styles can be flat or spear.

The fence panels are durable materials that can withstand exposure to weather, sunlight, pool chemical and water.

We supply modular fence railing panels and self-closing fence gates.

安装提示:选择Right Location and Height of the Pool Fence:
For safety purpose, there should be a minimum distance of one meter between the edge of the pool and the required fence or barrier. The pool should be visible through or over the fence from the commonly used areas of the house or yard. The gap between the bottom of pool fence and ground level must not be more than 100mm.

Height: Swimming pool fence and gates must have an effective height of at least 1.2 meters at any point along the outside surface of the fencing.

Spear Top Aluminum Fence

Black Powder Coated Picket Fence Railings with Spear Top
Aluminum Spear Fencing offers high security in addition to ornamental effects. Supplied in a variety of picket railings and decorative spear top designs.

Aluminum Fence System ( Railing Panel + Gate ) for Australia Fencing Projects

6063 Aluminum Pipe Garden Fencing with Gates
Aluminum Rail: 6063 Aluminum Alloy Pipe, 25x38mm, Picket: 19x19mm, Space between pickets: 80 mm (Australia), Panel Height: 600-2000mm, Panel Width: 1200-3000mm, Decorative Round Top

Available Materials and Specifictions:

Material Aluminum alloy pipe or galvanized steel pipe,the surface is with powder coated.
Height(mm) 600-2000
Width(mm) 1200-3000
Rail(mm) aluminum alloy pipe 25x38 38x38 41x28
galvanized steel pipe 25x25 32x32 38x38
Picket(mm) aluminum alloy pipe 19. 19x19
galvanized steel pipe 16x16 19x19
Space between pickets(mm) 80(Australia) 98(USA)

Besides above aluminum tubular and bar fences, we also supply开云体育手机版铝网栅栏and fences ofbox section posts.