Aluminium Amplimesh Security Grille Mill Finish, Powder Coated, Anodized

Aluminium Amplimesh is a kind of Security Guarding Screen Meshfor residential security and theft prevention. Amplimesh grille is flexible, decorative, strong, it is popularly used to secure openings such as doors and windows of differnet sizes. Aluminum Amplimesh Grille is made from expanded aluminum mesh plates. Other materials like low carbon steel, stainless steel are also available at your choice.

Amplimesh Screens (in Aluminium) are available in natural anodised, bronze anodised or powder coating finishes. We supply aluminum security screen amplimesh for window or door shielding and various perimeter fencing uses, in standard sheet size or custom size for your individual requirements.


Amplimesh is featured by firm structure and high security guards effect, long life span, and it offers ultra-clear visual experience and excellent ventilation. Aluminum amplimesh adds a texture of modern twist to the doors and windows. In addition, it offers rustproof and fireproof characters. Security Screens made of aluminum ampli-mesh are also light-weighted and easy to clean.


Amplimesh is ideal to be put into use forarchitecturaland ornamental applications. The sturdy strands of amplimesh can be flexibly constructed into any configuration, being welded into frames or tubes. Amplimesh is a popular choice for attractive door and window security grilles, ornamental grilles, safety fencing, or handrail infill panels. It is also made into fences to protect roads, railways, airports, residences, ports, gardens, breeding and farming areas.

Below you can have a look of Amplimesh expanded sheet in real cases of application, and formed in different colors, sizes and openings.

Black Powder Coated Amplish Sheet

Amplimesh Wire Mesh Panels, with Decorative Black Powder Coating, Applied for Doors Reinforcing, with Decoration and Ventilation Features.

Amplimesh Security Screens- Amplimesh screen and framing for aluminum security screens
Expanded aluminum amplimesh security screen
Expanded aluminum amplimesh sheet
Size: 4 x 8 sheet, quarter inch thick
2 inch squares approx.
Flat sheet for fasteners, not overlapped

Aluminium Amplimesh Security Grid
Aluminium Amplimesh grill, mill finish, natural colour
Specification: 68*83*7mm thick
Sheet size: 835*2050mm
Material: 6061-T5

Aluminum Amplimesh Screen Expanded
30" X 114" AMPLIMESH

Aluminum amplimesh white powder coated
Thickness 5.3mm - 5.8mm
Aperture 52mm x 52mm
Panel size: 2500mm x 900mm

Red Aluminum Wire Mesh Grill
Powder coated aluminum wire mesh grill red color
Panel size: 3 feet x 1'
Surface: Powder coated finish


Opening size: 67mm x 84mm, 66 x 83mm, 76 x 77mm, 52 x 61mm, 126 x 165mm, etc.

68*83 mm Grille
52*55mm Diamond Hole
74*60mm Diamond Mesh
126*165mm Diamond Hole


1. Mill finished or Anodized;
2. Powder coated.
3. Colors: Bronze, Spraying white, Spraying cream white, electroplate silver and so on.

Anodized Aluminum Diamond Mesh

Close View of Anodized Aluminum Securamesh, With Diamond Opening,for anti-Theft purposes


Surface treatment: Powder coated.
Sheet Width: 0.5 to 2.0m
Sheet Length: 0.5 to 5.85m
Opening: Diamond, Square, Rectangular and other patterns as per request.
Aperture: 52*55mm,68*83mm,126*165mm,etc.
Strand thickness: 4mm; 4.2mm; 4.6mm; 5.6mm; 5.7mm; 6.8mm; 7.0mm; etc.
Strand width: 3.5mm; 4.2mm; 4.6mm; 5.3mm; 5.7mm; etc.