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Perforated Acoustic Panels with Honey Comb System

We supply aluminum panels for acoustic control and sound absorption, widely used in highway projects and construction sites of railway and other facilities. The aluminum perforated panels are used with infilling materials to form a acoustic or sound barrier system to reduce the noise caused by highway traffic or construction sites.

Acoustic Panels for Highway

Material: Aluminum 0,8 mm and 1 mm
Size 500 mm x /4000-6000 mm/

Material: Aluminum panel thickness 1 mm
Size 500 mm x /4000-6000 mm

Acoustic Fence

Acoustical fence specification:
Fence length 240m and height 10m
To reduce noise at less 15dB.

Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels, dimensions 2440mm x 770mm.

Aluminum Panels for Construction Sites Sound Absorbing

One-sided absorbing ALU panel- Perforated metal panel with honey comb system
Aluminum sheet thickness 1.00 mm
Sheet metal thickness can be 1.2mm
Panel dimensions 3960 x 500 mm x 125mm
The panels are designed for railway application.
To be installed inside HPP 160 pillars

Perforated Acoustic Panels with Honey comb System

Alu panels:
a) One-sided absorbing panel AL-1S
One-sided absorbing panels made of pre-painted aluminum sheet (coil coated aluminum sheets)
All aluminum parts (sheet metal and extruded aluminum profiles) are made of aluminum alloys, resistant to weathering and salt
Sound absorption DLα = 16 dB, category A4
Sound insulation: DLR ˃27 dB, category B3